Hypogastric Breathing against the pain

Posted 2010. 1. 27. 19:14

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For our healthy menstrual period !

Horrible period pain

In the past, I've never experienced the period pain. When some friends of mine mentioned the horrible experience of their period pain to me, I was always doubtful if their story is really true or not. However, around the middle of my twenties, I had a chance to experience 'disabling period pain'. Normally my period has 7 days long. Among 7 days I have just one painful day. And the rest is normal just like before. And Till now I've endured the 1st painful days without painkiller. Because I've decided not to take chemical medicines if possible, since being adult, 

Since my removing to Germany, my period pain has got worse. I suppose that can be because my body could not adjust to german heating system. Korean heat the floor and keep the bedroom warm during the sleeping time. But generally German use the air heating system and reduce or turn off the heater when they go to sleep. Here in Germany I made several trials to support my body during my period. For example, keeping my lower belly warm all the time and drinking warm tea and soup so on. Unfortunately They were not so helpful.
Today was the first day of menstruation again. And 'the horrible pain' again. When I had been in korea, I had trained Yoga regularly. But in Germany I've been too lazy except my bad days. Shame to say, but nowadays I have one stupid routine like this:

feeling not well or really sick
-> starting Yoga training again and regretting my laziness alot
-> continuing Yoga for several days
-> becoming very fit
-> no Yoga anymore(evenif I wish Yoga training regularly!)

My recipe against the pain

Just as mentioned above, today I decieded to start Yoga again. But I found myself sitting on the Yoga mat that my period pain has got really worse. 'Then, at least some Breathing without Asana(body training of Yoga)' I said my self. Then I did 'the breathing'-breathe in and breath out and moved my lower belly depending on my breathing, too. When it became easier for me, I concentrated on my lower belly(Danjeon).

After 1 or 2 minutes the pain has gone slowly so that I could do some Asana Training(Asana- typical practice of Yoga or body pose. This time I concentrated especially on breathing during Asana.). I continued this breathing again and again whenever I would feel some pain. Thanks to this I could have an almost painless day today. Otherwise, I had to suffer from the period pain all the day or even to have troubles on falling a sleep at night.

I know it too early to insist that "Breathing training"  reduced my pain 100%. It might take 3 or 4 more trial for me to be so sure of this result. Nervertheless, it was a so precious experience and a very thankful day today because that I could have an almost painless first period day and do Yoga training again.

I wish that I could continue Yoga training from now on! 

[ Breathing concentrated on the hypogastric center ]

Preparation pose
Sit crossed-legged on the mat.
Put your hands on your lap and let your Palms of your hands turn upwards.
Pose your hands like having one egg on your palms and put your thumb and index finger toghter in order to make circle.

Hypogastric breathing
Close your eyes(better for concentration). Repeat to breathe in and out.
If possible, just breathe through your nose.
If not, breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth.
Make your lower abdomen slowly bigger when you breathe in, and make your lower abdomen slowly flat when breathe out. Like filling in and out the air into a balloon.
Time of the breathing in is equal to that of breathing out. Count the number of breathing in and out
Try to make longer the breathing time. When it is adapted to you, concentrate on hypogastric center and continue to breathe.

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