Why ecoLife?

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Why ecoLife?

I believe that living an ecological life is the real way for the Future of us and this planet.
Eventhough I try and make efforts. Sometimes(or often) I make mistakes-because I am a Human. But fortunately through those mistakes I also learned a lot. And I would like to share those experiences with you & others in needs. Or vice versa.

Now I start to blog 'my' ecolife but I hope this would turn to 'your' and 'our' ecolife.

As a last and for answering this question Why ecoLife?, I'd like to quote the last part of "Mad cowboy" written by Howard F. Lyman.
(It can be quite different from his original sentences, because I translated this quatation from his book in korean version. And some part I have made short, too.)

"How could we judge our lives?
Of course, they might be judged by how much money we saved or how many materials we own.
But we can not take money or materials forever.

Otherwise, we could ask ourselves like this:
have we done everything what we could for the coming generation?
Are there more trees than those when we were born? Does the air become fresher?
Does the water become cleaner? Does soil become fertiler? Does more birds fly in the sky and more fishes live in the ocean?
Are there more animals in wild world? Do the people live healthier and longer? Does starvation get less? Do dieses and pains declined?
Does this world become a more peaceful place?

The real important things we would leave behind,
if we can not take all"

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